Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy = Haloid killer

While Haloid still looks great to us, Dead Fantasy 1 looks even better with excellent choreography and over-the-top movements. But what's most refreshing is Oum's humble nature.

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Bonsai12144022d ago

yeah, this one is sooo much better than that original halo vs metroid one... but this one doesn't have lesbian action... so its kind of a trade off

Teajae4022d ago


ShiftyLookingCow4022d ago

DOA girls have a secret weapon ........ EXTREME PHYSICS UNLEASHED!!!!!
It has the power to hurt and to confuse.

allforcalisto4022d ago

seriously some of the stuff the animator does...its just nuts.
The guy who made it picked the perfect ff girls to do battle. Maybe garnet and fran from 12 could work in the next one.

Garnet and Fran (with a bow) + Christie and Helena

tifa at the end of dead fantasy...tears

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The story is too old to be commented.