Push-Start Yakuza 4 Review (PS3)

I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the residents of the Kamurocho district. Every year like clockwork the place gets throw into some sort of absurdly convoluted crisis followed by a sudden unexplained surge of street violence, and It’s gotten to the point where even some of the NPCs are beginning to notice this roughly annual spectacle is oddly familiar. Much in the same way, people often like to point out how (almost) all the Yakuza games are pretty damm similar, to the point where those who aren’t “in the know” would probably struggle to tell them apart at all. Yakuza 4 is no exception, you’re still exploring the same city, going to the same places, fighting dudes in the street, playing lots of minigames and smashing bicycles over peoples heads. So if they’re all so similar why do people still play these games then? Well I’d say the narrative is a safe bet on that one.

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