Capcom talks Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

OXM UK: "Unveiled to a baying public last month, Slant Six Games and Capcom's Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has come under fire for prioritising big bangs and tactical teamplay over the franchise's usual brand of gore-greased terror.

We had a first look at it last month, accompanied by Capcom producer Masachika Kawata. Pick up issue 72 for an exclusive feature, and scroll down for our chat with Kawata."

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dirigiblebill2745d ago

They seem to have got the visual style right, at least. Still bummed it's not a survival horror game, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

KongRudi2745d ago

I think it will be good, my friend who like online-games, said Slant Six's Socom turned out pretty good in the end. Even tough he's not that much into tacticalshooters, he stuck with Socom for half a year.
And Slant Six' PSP-games looks pretty good aswell.

I do think that they will be able to make a cool tactical shooter game in the Resident Evil universe, but I don't think it will be the same success as the main RE-games, but I'm pretty certain it will turn out a good game for people who want a spinoff, and maybe they will bring in a few new fans aswell. :)