170° 10 minutes of 'Harbor' level gameplay from Crysis SP Campaign

Destruction of artillery: Filmed in conditions not necessarily ideal, this video allows you to discover another level of the single player campaign dubbed 'Harbor' in which the first objective is the destruction of artillery batteries.

(description translated by Google)

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synetic4076d ago

the guy playing crysis its a noob in fps i mean using shotgun in enemies far away ... is acuraccy is also bad , shot in front of the enemies and many others .. but anyway the game is amazing

Maddens Raiders4076d ago

actually. The graphics didn't blow my face off, but they're nice. I'll still check it out.

ShiftyLookingCow4076d ago

Its running on XP with High setting, can't wait to see what Very High and DX10 will look like.

felidae4076d ago

i think Killzone 2 looks 10x better.

is it just me or does Crysis look boring?

ShiftyLookingCow4075d ago

bet you retards said the same thing about Far Cry, which btw came out 6 months before Killzone and bet the [email protected] out of anything consoles had to offer for the rest of their lives. It will be somewhat different this time as consoles are not that old but not very different.

Double-Edged4076d ago

FPS games that have the same gamestyle like this...bores the heck out of me.....

I'm so glad there is a jump button in halo...