CSM - Crysis 2 Review

CSM - Easily the most visually advanced first-person shooter ever made, Crysis 2 is nothing if not a feast for the eyes. Manhattan’s glass and concrete canyons -- even when reduced to rubble -- are astonishingly lifelike, as are visual effects for fire, heat waves, smoke, and water. Brilliant level design sees our hero surviving earthquakes that destroy his surroundings while exploring the ruins of parking garages, subways, and sewers. It's a world well worth exploring, even without the action.

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BubbleSniper3756d ago

dont agreed

C2 far from perfect unless you came from CoD

C1 far more fun and beautiful lookin

Bathyj3756d ago

First of all. THATS a review? 3 (short) paragraphs?
Did I miss a 2nd page or something?

Second, thats it, I'm convinced this game is overrated.

Before you jump all over me, I love the game. It lets me play the exact style I want to. I'm having a great time.

But the AI is truly sub par. There no denying that. Its well documented by this point.

And the game balance is terrible. Its just way to easy. Your suits powers virtually render you a God. Either going invisible or using armour will save you everytime. The only times I've really died is when I fumbled with the buttons in the heat of the moment and didnt activate either of these.

These flaws are not gamebreaking. Like I said I'm still loving it. But why is Crysis getting 9's and 10's with these pretty big flaws while other games, and I dont have to mention their names for you to know who I'm talking about, get nitpicked to death over the most ridiculous things.

And let me just say, the story in Crysis is no better than any other shooter either. Maybe I'm missing stuff, from not having played the first one, but its all basically, Hey guy, you need to come find me, ok good, now we need to go to this other building, we need to scan those deep layers, bla bla bla.

Personally, I dont really care about that, the action is why I play. If story mattered that much to me I'd read a book but its just another example of double standards and being overrated.

Still a great game though, please dont think I'm trying to talk anyone out of getting it.

BubbleSniper3756d ago

i dont understand disagree cuz you were at least pretty thorough with how you feel about it