PlayStation 3 Hackers Using Developer Network to Access PSN

Just when you thought the PlayStation Network was safe and secure with the recent firmware updates that barred hackers from accessing the network. A new loophole has been found that allows jailbroken PS3's to access the developer network through a recently released custom firmware.

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Joni-Ice2842d ago

LOL...its allows you to play COD only? COD must be the cheaters capital of gaming.

GrieverSoul2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )


Who would want to play with these guys?! Hackers that cheat against other players? Way to go hack dudes! -_-

This might be possible but in a few days these loop holes will be closed. Besides, either they mask their PSN ID or they will be banned from the servers themselves similarly as boosters were banned in Black Ops only. These boosters can still go to PSN but not on Black Ops online.

badz1492842d ago

so, I say...let them! let them play among themselves!

theonlylolking2842d ago

That would suck. Then they will see how not fun it is to play with hackers.

FACTUAL evidence2842d ago

Lol, these guys suck. Breakin through the ps3 is still like trying to escape Alcatraz apparently.

iDotDotDot2842d ago

Just to keep up with the Information, this dev-PSN also allows hackers to download all the games in the PS Store.

badz1492842d ago

they still need to pay for them. plus, this method will make you more vulnerable to be tracked and potentially BANNED!

supremacy2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

You mean for free?lol well i am sure Sony will deal with this asap. I mean i think its pretty dumb posting findings if you dont want them taken down wouldn't you agreed.

Its over guys, even if you think otherwise and continue to go down this path. All you are doing is making Sony better secure and protect their platform as time goes on and for that i thank you.

Seriously its over.

iDotDotDot2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I'm not even sure how it works exactly. But yes for free.

Apparently on dev-PSN there is some kind of credit card that allows you to charge Money to your account. So technically yes they are buying the games(While using money they are stealing from Sony/Developers), but its still free for them.

But I agree with you, this is a QUICK way to get banned.I can only hope Sony will fix it soon. If they can't secure their own private version of PSN I might stat losing faith in them.

FailOverHero2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I hate to burst you guys' bubbles (actually I enjoy it and the irony that I have had my n4g bubbles burst too lol) but not only is this news old, but it is outdated because now the hackers are able to use both the dev psn and the regular psn. This is from PS3 hax, I'd post the link but it is considered spam so I'll just post a quote:
"A few days ago we told you about
how you can get online with
Rebug CFW and play on the “dev-
PSN” servers – well the problem
with this method was you are
playing on development servers
for devs and it was a different pool
of people than the retail PSN. Two
tools have been released/updated
today enabling you to easily play
on retail PSN via SP-INT option on
the Rebug CFW ( tutorial here)."
You'd all know this by now but unfortunately you all seem to enjoy living in oblivion. The world keeps moving on even though N4G doesn't (like to) report it
And to those that think this allows you to only play CoD:
"Server Mapper v1.1 is basically the tool that allows you to play on retail/normal PSN via SP-INT. All you need for this to work is the SERVER IP of the game you wish to connect to with retail PSN. Even though the screenshot says “Call of Duty” server mapper – it works for almost ALL PS3 games."

supremacy2842d ago

Thanks for the info, and its good and all... but its over.

These things dont last long and i am sure it will get eradicated like every other loophole in its past. Will there be any other loopholes?
Yeah sure, but those will keep getting patched as well.
For as long as these leaks and exploits keep making headlines so will the fixes to them.
The cycle repeats itself. And that isn't oblivious,that is a fact.

coryok2842d ago

seems sketchy lol, where do these servers come from? who pays for them?