Potentially Amazing Vigors in BioShock: Infinite

TGE: "So far BioShock: Infinite is looking fantastic. It's like the 4th of July from Hell taking place in Heaven. The city of Columbia itself is extremely well imagined, with everything from the sky rail system to the crazy political power struggle littering the streets with propaganda (and tearing them apart). Of course there's the characters, too, with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth taking on the citizens, robotic Handymen, and the winged monster Him. With so much going on at once DeWitt and Elizabeth need some serious powers to hold their own in the floating city."

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NORMANDYSR12773d ago

I imagine an abundance of wind/lightning based powers

rezzah2773d ago

lol so true, but it looks like a powerful move so it should use up a lot of...EVE was it?

NORMANDYSR12773d ago

well it was EVE in the first two games but I imagine its called something else in this one...

ephellstrom2773d ago

I think if you drank too much at once you'd vomit and/or become totally invincible with god-like powers.

Entropic2773d ago

I'm fascinated with the idea of a mind reading vigor. I'm not sure how it'd be implemented, as the author said, but the gameplay potential there is huge.