Kingdom Under Fire II Announces New 3 New Classes

Kingdom Under Fire II being developed for PC online and PS3™ will be the latest installment of the Kingdom Under Fire™ franchise whose 10 year long legacy achieved numerous awards from various media around the world, and gained hardcore followings being released on multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox™, and Xbox 360™.

3 of the 18 proposed classes, the Gunslinger, Spellsword and Berserker have been revealed. Read more.

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rezzah2749d ago

Off Topic:

OMG imagine if that was HD Diablos armor!?

Referring to MH series.

Myst2749d ago

*Runs around a giant rock until it's horn's get stuck*

Myst2749d ago

Sometimes I really hate games that have race and classes as the same. Why not just create a race then be given the option :/ hate it when I'm tied to a class.

Bigpappy2749d ago

I hope the maps are a bit more open. Head to head is overated. I like options.

Jovahkiin2748d ago

I hope it comes to xbox :/ sold my ps3 two weeks ago.