CVG - InFamous 2 review in next OPM

CVG - The world's first InFamous 2 review will arrive in the next Official PlayStation Magazine UK, out May 11 - a month before its release in June.

The confirmation arrives on the same day as an InFamous 2 media tour, which has already gifted the internet a pair of new trailers, with more information set to land later.

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-Mezzo-2745d ago

Cannot wait for it & judging by what I have seen so far, it can't possibly be anything under 9.

The first game was criminally under-Rated, i hope this one get the praise and recognition it deserves.

Already Pre-Ordered it.

LOGICWINS2745d ago

"The first game was criminally under-Rated, i hope this one get the praise and recognition it deserves."

Yeah, I still have the issue. They gave the first Infamous a 7. I've never played the full game, just the I can't really say what it should or shouldn't have gotten as a score. I'm just really excited for Infamous 2.

kratos1232745d ago

i really cant see where this game can go wrong man infamous 2 cant come soon enough
just pre ordered it last week
if COD BLOPS can get perfect scores then i cant imagine what this game will get

Kain812745d ago

Uncharted 1 was under-rated too, but in my opinion it was absolutily Awesome...

i think Heavenly Sword was under-rated too, hope the rumors about a sequel are true^^

Aloren2745d ago

Agreed about Heavenly Sword. Uncharted was fairly rated, it scored almost 9 on average, and sold well, that's great. I thought Infamous was overrated though. It kinda disapointed me when I played it. I expected more.

GiggMan2745d ago

You can usually tell the type of score a game is going to get by the build up. Here lately websites and blogs rave about games up until the release and than hit it with a mediocre score (or what some consider mediocre anyway).

I guess that's all part of the game now...

Ninver2745d ago

Clearly one of those games a single score can never do justice. I love my PS3 for allowing me the privilege to play all these AAA genre defining games.

DrFUD2745d ago

Should be interesting.

ps3bestever2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

5 of 10 ?

PaPa-Slam2745d ago

Get you head out of the window buddy.

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