Why you haven't bought a 3DS... yet

Destructoid - Two weeks ago from yesterday, the 3DS launched in the USA. So far, the console has sold well, but not quite as well as Nintendo projected. The company expected to move 4 million 3DS units worldwide in the first month of release. From the loose numbers reported thus far, they didn't make that number. In fact, last week, the PSP actually outsold the 3DS in Japan. We're definitely not looking at a disaster for Nintendo here, but I think it's fair to say that both Nintendo and the gaming press may have over estimated the current demand for the 3DS.

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TLG19912749d ago

beacause im getting a 3dtv WITH glasses because its miles better and thee is nothing wrong with them, they are comfy. end off topic!

LOGICWINS2749d ago

"Why you haven't bought a 3DS... yet"

Because I don't want one?

-Mezzo-2749d ago

Because i am Frickin Broke Right Now.

Cloudberry2749d ago


Besides, I'll wait for more games released and probably lower price.

The same thing I would do to NGP too.

At worst...

I'll probably owning a 3DS and / or NGP, 2 - 3 years after they launched.

I did that before with my DS Lite & PSP 3000.