Microsoft new dashboard already failed to prevent piracy?

It seems that Microsoft new dashboard may not be up to the task to prevent piracy as hackers have already found a way to play backup games on the new dashboard.

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RedDragan2749d ago

Shame, because regardless of your console of preference we all have one enemy, or even if you are a PC type of person, we hate the pirate.

immortal842749d ago

yeah I agree. Microsoft may have a chance in the next console to prevent piracy. I don't think they can now.

Rainstorm812749d ago

I think the biggest problem is the DVD format.....pirates cracked that egg long before the 360 was released.....As you said next gen i think MS will take bigger steps to prevent it.

badz1492749d ago

the most annoying thing is...they always find a way! their survival level is more a cockroach than a mouse! disgusting!

ComboBreaker2749d ago

he might as well start hacking Mircosoft hardware.

Quagmire2749d ago

So I take it you're not a fan of Jack Sparrow then?

Arcee2749d ago

All pirates do is screw the experience of gaming for the rest of us. They don't realize the more they screw with what they shouldn't companies will utilize more and more gamer unfriendly devices and tactics that only get in the way or a good thing.

hot1112749d ago

Update was issued because of new disc format,not piracy.360 software sales prove that piracy is not a problem on 360(even publishers agree on that matter).

Raven_Nomad2749d ago

I love my 360 and gaming on the 360, but games like Alan Wake, which was pirated over 2 million times beg to differ.

Microsoft did manage to ban over 1 million consoles back when MW2 came out though.

This story is more theory then anything though.

kikizoo2749d ago

Without piracy, hardware would have sold 10 millions or more less, so....

Tarasque2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

But you do not make your money off of hardware, well in the long run you will make a little. You make your money off of peripherals and games, so....

KDubyah2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Yeah, it's a shame really .. Alan Wake deserved it.
Other than games like the rehashed Call of Duty.

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The story is too old to be commented.