Here's your LATEST Wii successor rumor

Raw Meat Cowboy: My inbox has been flooded with this rumor, so I'll post it up for you guys to check out. This blurb supposedly comes from NGamer issue 61, page 7. I do not have the issue to vouch for this blurb.

"At GDC, we heard reference to Nintendo's "Project Butterfly", the intended succesor to the Wii. No specs were given, though the hardware is designed to be physically upgraded over time. As it was explained to us, by plugging in new parts....................

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caperjim2774d ago

I like this idea. I hope its true.

darthv722773d ago

sounds like the genesis/cd/32x era all over again.

The current wii is so capped that it could be uncapped and almost be considered a new machine. The gpu/cpu are capable of hd graphics. I'd like to see nintendo update the system to support expandable memory similar to how you can allocate memory in windows.

Using an SDHC card, you set aside x amount of megabytes or gigabytes for use as system memory. It can be done but the question is......will it.

coryok2773d ago

i doubt it, fragmented userbase is bad for game development.

SuperSaiyan42773d ago

A very very bad idea if Nintendo do this by allowing upgrades over time.

Parent walks into shop buys a Wii 2, a few months later buys a game and it wont work...Why? Because now your Wii 2 requires additional parts in order for the game to work.

Very very bad move...Lets hope it doesn't happen.

SantistaUSA2773d ago

I see your point and its a good one. To me for it to work, would have to be just an add on that improves the game graphically, so the games would still play the same, but if you have the add on, it would just look better, just like when you upgrade the video card in the computer.

kesvalk2773d ago

better then to make a device that you put on your PC and acts like the middleware for playing games based on nintendo hardware....

consoles only have two advantages, games designed to use the controls of the system, and that you will not need to buy anything else (almost anything) to play games on it...

it would be shot in the foot for console gaming...

fatstarr2773d ago

seems very Nintendo. i like it allot. concept seems like the expansion slot on the 64.

ideas pop into my head now. a nice powerful "revolution box" upgrade it with some Nintendo video card over the years. sounds fun. seems like everyone in the industry will copy.

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The story is too old to be commented.