True Crime: Hong Kong "would of been" 80+ title, "still might"

Dan Winters of Activision reveals they did in fact have confidence in United Front's True Crime: Hong Kong, despite claiming it "wasn't going to be good enough."

The publisher dropped it over 'poor quality' back in January. However Winters says it was "tracking towards a very good game." It was a victim of circumstance.

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outwar60102751d ago

it would have been a day 1 for me and many other people im sure of it. I WILL NEVER BUY ACTVISION AGAIN

Yi-Long2751d ago

... don't get me wrong, I LOVE sandbox game, and I LOVE Hong Kong (been there a couple of summers and it's my favourite place in the world)...

... but the developers of True Crime were half-assing this project by not doing the city of Hong Kong any justice, and just focussing on HK Island and a bit of Kowloon, instead of also including the New Territories and Lantau...

Also, from all the pics and footage I watched for this game, none of it really felt like Hong Kong.

GTA4, when you look at Liverty City, you KNOW it's New York. It has that vobe, that look, it just feels right!

True Crime HK felt like it was a fake Hollywood Chinatown.

If another developer/publisher picks it up, I hope they don't rush it out the door, but take their time with it to fix what was wrong, and do the city the justice it deserves!

Corrwin2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Apparently the rest of Activision didn't think so.

This is the same Activision that has been known to cancel projects they knew would not hit the magical 80%+ score.

They didn't think Brutal Legend was going to do well so they tried to cancel it, then sued (for loss of income, lol) when developers Double Fine released it under EA, and made money.

BlmThug2751d ago

Would Have Been A Nice Game, Why Doesnt Someone Just Assassinate Him, Good People Like Martin Luther King Get Assassinated But Scum Like Bobby Kotick Live

Corrwin2751d ago

Do your self a favour, and google the following:


outwar60102751d ago

consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense /webwn

Quagmire2751d ago

The developers of Modnation Racers was working on this game. I say Sony should snap them up quick-like to create more games for their Play-Create-Share genre

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