Batman Dev: Arkham Asylum Was 'Too Linear'

Arkham City developer Rocksteady has discussed their difference in approach to the Batman sequel.

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Rainstorm812838d ago

I like to hear them recognize that, Arkham City looks like it going to be a GotY contender again.

-Mezzo-2838d ago

Agreed, this there are so many GOTY contenders, LB2, ME3, UC3, so many more.

badz1492838d ago

in terms of what? I think he means the story. as you can't fail any of them and simply go to other mission and come back again later on to do it ala GTA. but gameplay-wise...Batman AA is kinda open.

Corrwin2838d ago

Ye... what?

It was a Metroidvania. It's not linear if you're going back over previously discovered areas to find secrets, or newly accessible paths.

Open World does not mean the game will be non-linear - look at Mafia II.

What does this mean for Arkham City? That each environment is only worth exploring the once, but at least you get to choose which one to go to next?

Quagmire2838d ago

Damn, Arkham Asylum was linear? I found it had the perefect amount of exploration.

But if Arkham Asylum was considered linear, then what the heck is AC gonne be? Just Cause 2?

BeaArthur2838d ago

I didn't think AA was that linear. It wasn't GTA but it wasn't a corridor shooter either.

Finger-Eater2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Wowness Arkham City is seriously going to kick butt if they thought Arkham asylum was linear. Cant wait.

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