Pandemic on post-EA homogenization: "Over our dead body!"

GamePro ask Pandemic, "concerning the EA deal, what do you say to allay the fears of BioWare and Pandemic fans who might worry that you'll become somehow homogenized by joining EA"?

"Over my dead body. [laughter] At the end of the day, we are just as focused, if not more so, on creating amazing games that our fans will go nuts over. We have such amazing games in the pipeline right now, and EA is so enthusiastic over them - that's one of the reasons we've joined them. EA's mantra has been "look guys, we're going to stand out of the way... you guys continue to do what you know how to do. We're here to support you,"" answers Pandemic's Josh Resnick.

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Good stuff.... please keep it this way EA.

kingofps34024d ago

Imagine if Microsoft had actually acquires them, then Pandemic's Josh Resnick would had said..."Oh! we are so dead!" about the company's future.

Mass Effect 2, 3 all on PS3,... hmm, nice to have.

Omegasyde4024d ago

Being aquired by EA is the worse that could happen.
Yes their games could go multiplatform from now on, but

Have you seen EA games scores lately besides "the sims"?

I am still wondering how EA shipped Madden 08 (MULTI-PLATFORM) with so many glitches.

EA=No qaulity and cash cows rip offs. EA also rushes each game out despite studios saying its not complete. Put down the stupid fanboyism attacks and realize that this news is bad for all owners of all/any console.

Real Gambler4024d ago

Remember, those are relatively small companies with really thight people who are used to work together.
First EA will say, don't worry, we will all leave you together, nothing will change.
Then they will say: Well, we don't need multiple HR department, so we will only move your HR people with ours. Bang you lost a few friends.
Then they will say: Ok, we already have good guys in marketing, so we will more your guys with ours, or they can find another job. Bang, more friends gone.
Then the guys in charge of boxes, dvd production, shipping, etc will all have to quit or be integrated with EA's much bigger department. Bang more friends gone.
Then art will be given to some huge departement in EA. And finally, programmers will start to move to other jobs, be integrated in EA, etc... Sure, the games right will live, but whoever was working on it at the beginning will be long gone. The soul of the those games will slowly be broked apart.

Smaller companies being bought by bigger ones are always told the same story: "We will live you alone and you'll do as usual" but sadly, it never happen this way.

ShiftyLookingCow4024d ago

"our(plural) dead body(singular)"? :( EA has already done that.

Tru_Blu4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Man I just hope they don't screw the next Bulders Gate. I have loved that game from the 1st one, 2nd was great but not as good as 1. EA let them make the game with NO DEADLINE. Let them get it right BEFORE it ships, I know it makes no sense to finish a game before you release it. But trust them, OK?

chrno4024d ago

"We are going to support you...except that all ur games will be multi-platform from now on" lol

TheExecutive4024d ago

Who says this joker has a choice? It's not like he owns the company. The direction will be given by EA and if this dude doesnt like it then I am sure they will find someone who does. Pandemic and Bioware just made their games and employees less valuable.

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