EuroGamer - Why I Love: Ninja Gaiden II

EuroGamer - If by a man's work shall ye know him, Tomonobu Itagaki is a smashed Xbox 360 control pad. In fact, he's a special kind of smashed Xbox 360 control pad. He's the kind that was desecrated in a frenzied tantrum of bile and frustration, its destruction soundtracked by a stream of vitriolic swearwords so extreme any senior citizens within earshot would spontaneously combust.

This is because Itagaki is the man who presided over the creation of Ninja Gaiden II. It is a very easy game to hate. And yet I find myself going back to it again and again, like a masochist who just can't walk away from their sadistic other half.

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galest2805d ago

this game deserved more love.

MiloGarret2805d ago

Great article, very enjoyable reading, especially if you're a fan of the 360 NGII.

kikizoo2805d ago

sigma is better (but also very repetitive), but eurogamer don't have the console to play it ;)

(i'm joking...not)

MiloGarret2805d ago

Sigma is a pussyfied version of the true NGII, done so that ps3 players would be able to finish the game.

This is a fact, argue all you want, still fact.