The 1UP Show: Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

1UP: "We're finally hitting our stride this season as the Triple-A titles keep on coming. We're taking a look at what's might make you happy you bought that PS3.

First up, the return of that rascally lombax and his droll robot sidekick, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. We sit down with Nick Suttner and Michael Donahoe to get the scoop. Is Ratchet going to be a system seller for Sony? If not, well, what about the XY Tomb Raider Drake from Uncharted?" 1UP finally played enough of the game now to determine who is hotter: Nathan Drake or Mass Effect's Commander Drake?

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jakehansen4114114d ago

I appreciate these 1Up video reviews and all, but damn I have become so annoyed with all the "it's like, he was like, totally, you know, I mean like, & stuff like that." 1UP female reviewers sound great! 1UP male reviewers, WTF?

Vojkan4114d ago

That guy Matt Leon (in Uncharted preview) is such anti Sony fanboy.
He doesnt like KZ2, FF13, GT5, MGS4 is not his type of game, does not cinsider R&C tools of destruction to be AAA(as he says in the end of this show) and yet they give him to preview Uncharted, and he will most likely review it. His logic is insane, he thinks that Uncharted could be FIRST AAA title on PS3!?!!!Is he insane!?

zenkai4114d ago

R&C is F awesome! As they say you cant get next gen platformer experience anywhere else, that is why R&C is so special.

SpenserTracy4114d ago

Are these guys actually doing a review of zelda. Standing there in shades with hardrock cut beards and "tuff" t-shirts. Wth is this. I think im going to puke in a envelope and send it to 1UP. Have these guys ever thought that this is a childrens game, why in the h are they reviewing it for, like it was for them. IDIOTS...IDIOTS AAARGH SO STUPID.

marcindpol4114d ago

i love R&C demo, the graphics are the best on ps3 to date in my opinion, even on my 21" sdtv.
must buy for me!!!

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