Msxbox - Exclusive Gears 3 cam footage

Msxbox-world has posted some gameplay footage and some words from Epic Games' Rod Ferguson in this Gears of War 3 video.

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NewZealander2838d ago

even though its cam footage, im totally blown away at how solid the game is looking!

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Hands Up For Games2838d ago

How in the Hell does SemirBiH have more agrees than NewZealander?????

NewZealander2838d ago

lol who knows, i guess the fact it looks so good has angered a few people on the other side of the fence.

PS3n3602838d ago

the lighting and shadows are impressive. Damn I wasn't expecting such a huge improvement over gears 2. Not liking the pink lancers and the character with corn rows and a football outfit? WTF! I guess its always been a bit campy on purpose. Love this franchise, "MY" favorite game series of all time.