Batman: Arkham City's open world "streams seamlessly"

Rocksteady, creator of Batman: Arkham Asylum, has revealed the open world in the sequel Arkham City is 'load-free', adding the Unreal Engine is "doing a brilliant job."

All we can survey in Arkham City is open to explore without load screens. It's "five times bigger" than anything they've done before. It's out later this year.

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egidem2736d ago

I honestly had no idea that this game was running on the Unreal Engine

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Corrwin2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

It is incredible what people can do with the Unreal Engine now.

I was happy when Raven streamed all the levels without loading (and with some well placed cutscenes) to stream Wolverine.

I went out of my mind when I saw Tigon create an open world with it in The Wheelman. Seriously, why would you pick UE when there are other open world engines ready (GTA's, Saints Row's, Fuel's, Burnout Paradise's).

It's come a long way since Unreal, and not in just in graphics (which everybody fixates on).

Now if only they can get rid of the Texture-Pop we still see, which is easily preventable with a boolean in PC versions that forces a blank screen (easily transitioned from a cutscene) until the textures are loaded. That has always annoyed me about UE's console implementations - as if the developers are in a rush to show you the scene, most recently I saw with Enslaved.

BlmThug2745d ago

Did You Just Say Saints Rows And Fuels, These Games Have Sh*tty Grahpics (I Still Love Saints Row)

Corrwin2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

What does that have to do with the price of eggs?

I was pointing out that there are engines already out there catering to open world environments.

GTA/Red Dead Redemption's Rage is good enough for you?

What is your point?