( It's Over! Can We Drop it Now?

Fed up with all the updates and stories regarding the Sony vs. GeoHot case, especially now that it is over, this letter to the internet pleads that we all just drop the subject now and get back to normal again.

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GrieverSoul2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )


Still, why can we rub it on the little hobbits face?! After the rap video, the "LG rules" football shirt and the "the Xperia is hard come by in South America" attitude, I ask you, why cant we get to laugh at him?!

Let him suffer a little bit more.
This guy is a genius at what he does and he should be a much better man than he is. He should put his skills to a better use. Right now, his lack of maturity has put him in this situation. Let him be served some humble pie and grow a little bit. Maybe in 5 or 6 years he can actually get a job by applying like everybody else. Hey, he has got a nice resume. ;)

Arcee2836d ago

Believe it or not, I actually do agree with you on some points. Yes, he should have several helpings of humble pie. His is obviously an intelligent young man who is putting his talents to waste in an effort that he was doomed to lose from the start. He once stated that he wants to be a neuroscientist; hack the human brain to better understand our potential. He should work towards that goal instead of what he was focused on. I agree with you there. He thought he could tackle the big man and take him down with a sling shot but lacked the conviction of his words, and the side of legality to make it happen in the end. He should be humbled by this and I hope, I really do hope that it makes him a more mature and responsible person having gone through this. So I will admit that I agree with you there.

My complaint is the numerous, pointless articles all pointing out the same facts just rewording them in the smallest ways to make them individual. You can look up this case on the net and chose five random links that discuss this and all five will eventually say the same thing at the end of it all, just spun five different ways. I get everyone wants to be heard and have their say. But when they all echo the same thought, what really is the point. There is no individuality in that. I wanted to read something new about this every time something was written but instead was fed the same soup over and over again. At that point it becomes less about journalism and more about who can scream the loudest all shouting the same line. If that is all they are all doing, then it is pointless and irrelevant and simply needs to stop. That is my point here.