Kingdom Under Fire II - Spellsword

Bluseside shows new trailer from the Spellsword character.

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Kain812745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

What happend to the 360 version is it canncled, cause on the Homepage it says PC/PS3???

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Spenok2744d ago

Yeah if im not mistaken they said something a while back about it. I think it was another one of those "Xbox Live is to closed a platform, Sony more opened" So they decided to go with a PC/PS3. And if i remember correctly they also said something about this becomming an MMO, or something or other around those lines.

kreate2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

i think Blueside had some issues with Microsoft's policy regarding XboxLive.

like dc universe online, the xbox is restrictive when it comes to online play.

hence, the xbox version is no more. i think they got a online petition going on for xbox users to petition for.

but in 2011, all gamers should buy a PS3 unless ur a die hard Microsoft/Xbox fanboy.

*im not 100% sure on this so if im wrong, please let me know

**koreans love fantasy females with bikini'd armor swinging swords and throwing fireballs/lightning bolts