IGN Reviews World Series of Poker 2008: Battle For The Bracelets

IGN writes, "Activision has quickly become the company to beat with its World Series of Poker franchise. In a few short years, it's gone from a lackluster title to a game that almost encapsulated the gambling experience perfectly. Building on the strengths of last year's title, Activision and Left Field Productions have recently released World Series of Poker 2008: Battle For the Bracelets. Thanks to a slicker presentation, larger sense of WSOP Tournaments and some additional features, Activision has once again produced one of the best poker games on a console."

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Mikey_Gee4487d ago

... but should not be priced with the other games.

More around the $25 range to get them moving. I would NEVER pay over $50 for this sort of game.