THQ couldn't afford Reckoning, says Rolston

Ken Rolston has admitted that former partners THQ didn't have the money to fund Reckoning, or at least, the project that would become Reckoning.

In an interview with Strategy Informer, Rolston mentioned how before being bought by 38 Studios, BigHugeGames was working with THQ on a number of titles, including at "massive" single-player project.

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CrzyFooL2745d ago

THQ couldn't but EA sure as shit can.

NewMonday2745d ago

Pleas pleas pleas no bull$#!t "cliffhanger" endings, a complete story pleas.

Quagmire2745d ago

Bu bu bu- we want to buy overpriced DLC prease!

Bolts2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Can you blame THQ? BigHugeGames is an unproven dev filled with big (and expensive) names like Todd McFarlane and RR Salvatore who haven't done a damn thing in this industry and they want millions of $ to develop an uninspired looking hack and slash RPG...AND a MMO?

Going by the trailer and screens, its no wonder THQ walked. There isn't anything eye catching about this game at all.

Bigpappy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Ken Rolston is all you need to know, to get excited about BigHuge games. He is the true master mind behind the elderscrolls series. This guy left Bathesda, because he did not like how they simplified Oblivion. They are following his lead on these project. I am super excited to see what the finished product would be like. There is no one in the industry that thinks on as large a scale as Ken Rolston. He love details and beleave in deep research.

I think THQ made a huge mistake here. A fanchise like this could have put them up there with the big boys.

PandaJenkins2745d ago

From what some gaming press got to see behind doors of this game it sure sounds fucking awesome. Especially with the names working on it. Definitely keeping my eye on it.