Sony, Don't Overprice The NGP

Sony Computer Entertainment America President Jack Tretton recently defended the potential high price the NGP might have when it hit stores next year. Sony looks like it’s about to repeat a costly mistake.

The question is: Are you willing to spend more money on a portable console than a home console?

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wwm0nkey2745d ago

They need to price it with in a $250 to $300 range or it will do poorly at launch. I really want to buy it so I have the 3DS and the NGP but anything over $300 and I am waiting.

TurismoGTR2745d ago

Price the NGP at $199 and remain it at that price.

Plus allow PS3 games to be NGP Playable = $$$$$$$$$$$

Fred-G-Sanford2745d ago

Let's hope they have learned their lesson.

NnT32912745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

as much as I want it to be cheap, I doubt that it'll be anything below $250. I mean just look at the specs.

badz1492745d ago

but the spec alone will deter that wish impossible! yet again, Sony made the NGP as something that is ahead of its time just like the did with all their previous platforms and the initial price will be high, no question about that!

3DS is $250 thus there is doubt about the NGP getting priced the same or lower! but the question is: how expensive? lets just hope that they can at least keep it at $300 for non-3G model and maybe $400 at the highest for 3G.

rockleex2745d ago

Most likely outcome:

WiFi model = $300

3G model = $350

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ReservoirDog3162745d ago

I'm pretty sure they've learned their lesson since the pricey PS3. Granted it was an awful lot of bang for your buck but it's one of the big things that kept Sony from succeeding like they thought they would this gen.

So, hoping for a $200-250 PSP2. They'd be crazy to even tiptoe past $300.01 for the basic, non-3G model.

badz1492745d ago

"The question is: Are you willing to spend more money on a portable console than a home console?" - duhh...3DS is more expensive than Wii and 360 already!

disturbing_flame2745d ago

More than 300$ people will not buy.

tigertron2745d ago

They said people wouldn't buy the PS3 at £425/$600.

disturbing_flame2745d ago

Yes and PS3 is still behind Wii and 360 WW.

It's because a price drop happened with the PS3 slim that the PS3 starts to sell correctly WW.

Aclay2745d ago

Tretton's recent comments does make it seem like the NGP may be priced a little high:

But then there's been other times when Sony have said that it will be "affordable"...but considering types of devices that Sony makes (usually more expensive than competitors), Sony's definition of "affordable" regarding NGP pricing is probably different what the average consumer thinks.

The fact that Sony actually priced the PSPGo at $249 just a few years ago has me thinking that the cheapest NGP is not going to be near $ conservative guess would be $300 minimum for the cheaper NGP, and $350 minimum for the 3G Model, but wouldn't be surprised if it was more for both.

bobrea2745d ago

Oh, well since this random article said they shouldn't price it, Sony will probably listen. Great advice, you dolt.

ReservoirDog3162745d ago

Well, it's not like this article's the only thing saying this.

Examples of other things that say this: you, me. everyone, Sony's collective common sense ect.

Solidus187-SCMilk2745d ago

PSP2 is beastly compared to 3ds, so Im guessing it will cost more. Possibly alot more.

rockleex2745d ago

Because 3DS is overpriced compared to its technology and specs.

NGP will be underpriced compared to its technology and specs.

How much underpriced? We don't know.

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