The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make in Fallout

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "I recently purchased Fallout: New Vegas as a birthday present for my lovely girlfriend. I've not played it yet, but watching her game I was struck by a familiar sight that gave me a rush of anxiety; the stat picking screen. For those who've not played one of the later Fallout games or Oblivion, you have to put a finite amount of points into such categories as Strength, Endurance, Luck, etc… These stats cannot be rearranged for the rest of the game. I always lock up when I encounter such a choice, worried that if I make the wrong choices the game will be significantly less fun. How am I to know what going to be practical later on down the road?"

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itani2800d ago

To summarise the article for everyone. He wants Fallout or any future game to allow you to alter your stats.

Derekvinyard132800d ago

Fallout 3 was better then NV. it almost felt like a downgrade.

Finger-Eater2800d ago

It takes me like 30 minutes just to choose my next perks and skill when I level up. I treat that decision like its a matter of win or lose...and because I have a bad habit of taking forever to make choices.

ReservoirDog3162800d ago

Yep. Must've spent at least 3 hours of my 70+ hours of FO3 just picking my perks and SPECIAL stats.

And to the author, about 5 hours in, I realized I picked my SPECIAL stats kinda wrong (based on my play style). But I just figured no one's perfect, least of all in FO3, and just made the best of it and I still enjoyed it to a degree that I never expected.

Just go with the flow.

Alos882800d ago

In my opinion it's a lot more forgiving with your stat choices than it was in the old days of CRPGs. At least here you generally stand a chance regardless of what special stats you picked.

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