No Devil May Cry On Capcom Captivate

Some of the devil may cry fans hoping some excited news from Capcom Captivate event, but seems like this news going to disappoint you.

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TheKindRoost2837d ago

I'd be disappointed if capcom hasn't canned it yet, NT is not worthy of the DMC franchise.

wwm0nkey2837d ago

DmC needs to be canned and we need a DMC5. Would love to know more about Nero being Vergil's son (he is)

DevilVergilX2837d ago

I just want them to make a Game about Vergil or at least have them say that Vergil is alive!


But Vergil IS dead. The question is, can it stop him?

I also liked Nero on DMC4, not the greatest moments on the franchise but by far not the worst ones too... Definetely possible to expand for good, but better remember that Dante is the lead character this time.

SnakeMustDie2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

They could make a scenario where Nero suddenly transforms into Vergil ala Advent Children similar to Kadaj transforms to Sephiroth.

Nero having the potential to resurrect Yamato is something that bothers me that can relate him to Vergil.

TreMillz2836d ago

its amazing people still dont know Nero is Vergil reincarnated....

FiftyFourPointTwo2837d ago

My money's on they finally decided to return Dante to his original look.

Unknown_SNAKE2836d ago

i geuss Dante will return to his original look during the game (the teaser had dante has some of his hair white)thats why i believe dante at the end of the game will look exactly as DMC 3)and maybe we will see Vergil on the game
.... they just will make a good story of it

mark my words if Ninja theory have something to show on E3 it will not dissappoint the fans

Unknown_SNAKE2837d ago

I dont why i have Faith on NinjaTheory team cause i loved Heavenly Sword alot maybe and Enslaved was good
So i have a feeling the game will Rock :)


The problem isn't Team Ninja (although I still think this game should be made by a Japanese team, Kamiya' team in Platinum Games if possible, but that's not going to happen), the problem is Capcom who actively reached Team Ninja for a major change and reboot of the franchise...

Katana Yamato2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Its Ninja Theory not Team Ninja...>_> Team Ninja does Ninja Gaiden.

Anyway, stupid of Capcom not to show anything at their own damn event.

I guess E3 is the place they're going to truly show it then. Which is stupid since there's going to be much better games getting attention then sum games we haven't heard or seen gameplay about. Keep on Failin Capcom...

yewles12837d ago

*crosses fingers for cancelation*

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