Does the kill/death ratio need to go away?

Daniel argues that by tracking and emphasizing each player's kill/death ratio, objective-based multiplayer shooters encourage selfish play styles.

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gorebago2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

You can just play and not care. No one is staring at your stat screen with a microscope. If they are, well then, that's just sad and you shouldn't be insecure about their worthless opinion anyways.

I play to have fun and usually end up with a k/d ratio of one or higher. If I focus on it'll i'll make mistakes. Life is too short. Can't bring your k/d ratio with you when you die nor will it be posted on yoir tombstone.

Just saying.

But I think you refer to how others obsess about it and thus ruin objective game modes because of it. I usually beat them at their own game and hunt them down. When I can't it's annoying, but you'll find annoying and cheap people in anything you'll do. Just a part of having to deal with others I guess.

evrfighter2773d ago

15-15 is a man score

15-2 is someone that's trying too hard.

like gorebago said. enjoy life. games are more fun when you aren't raging when I make your k/d go to sh*t

I remember back in the day when people would type an occasional "ns" or "g1" or "lol damn you" when I killed them.

nowadays its "nice hax loser enjoy ur ban" or "ur so random dude"

It's been a long time since used ingame chat simply because k/d ratio's breed nerd rage.

thatboytim2773d ago

While I don't agree with your suggestion about taking away the k/d ratio I liked this article.

I am not bothered about my K/D, its about 1:1 on most multiplayers and I am happy with that.

"To my knowledge, BC2 is the only game that even gives you assist points for spotting." I think you are right about BFBC2 and players still don't SPOT. Its free points!

Gonna link to your post on my blog..

ultimate-remag2773d ago

before i started 2 worry about my kdr i think i used 2 have a lot more fun playing shooters... u start taking the game really serious after a while... so yea... (imo)

gypsygib2773d ago

Games are definitely more enjoyable when you're not worrying about k/d.

I'm such a loser, in KZ3 I had a k/d over 2 after about 12 hrs of MP using Move then never felt like playing anymore, and I think it was because i wanted to preserve it. I'd never done so well I my life but who cares really, there's no benefit to it except bragging rights between you're equally loser friends. Try putting it on a resume or impressing girls with it. They'll deem you a loser instantly.

Chances are, the higher you k/d ratio the more you're f'ing up your life.

I've been playing more Reach because I suck at it and don't care so I have more fun.

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