RipTen Hardware Review: The Nintendo 3DS is An Amazing Piece of Hardware

RipTen: So Nintendo’s new handheld is finally here, and you’re still wondering whether or not it’s worth all the hype. Luckily, RipTen is happy to share our thoughts with you.

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jaredhart2837d ago

I'm definitely interested but patient enough to wait for the NGP so I can decide which is best for me.

fatstarr2837d ago

nintendo will beat ngp.
ngp will be a big bench marking machine and thats it.

ksoto2837d ago

Beat it in what sales? lol thats what matters to you? Please NGP will have the superior hardware and software so in the end it will beat 3DS.

fatstarr2837d ago

Nintendo will beat the NGP in
and overall fun.
it will not beat the 3DS.

firefoxprime2837d ago

Here's a better question.
Who cares?
Me? You? Do you work for Nintendo? Or Sony?

I thought so. Why should we care which console beats the other? Regardless of which system "prevails...ppffff", there is gonna be a gamer enjoying that platform.

I don't give a care in the world if NGP sells more than the 3DS. I'll still be enjoying my exclusive titles on each system.

Besides you fool. Its 2011. The real enemies here are Apple/smartphones casual games. And you stupid fanboys continue these mindless arguements.

What? Bragging rights? ROFLMAO. Let me tell you something. Defending...your perfered company fanboy...aint gonna drop a cent in your pocket. You remember that.

despair2837d ago

I don't see it, not this time, Sony really did their homework this time, the features and hardware of the NGP along with the developer support and much much more accessible development set up(what many devs said) and the massive possibilities with the casual games and connectivity(PS suite) make it a big contender to overtake the 3DS.

If the NGP launches at the same price $250 then it will destroy the 3DS. Oh and the hardware is built for every type of game, 2 sticks and the combination of the front touch screen and back pad add a new dimension that the 3ds cannot match.

Fred-G-Sanford2837d ago

The 3DS is really awesome, but my dad played with it for 45 minutes yesterday and he hasn't been the same since.

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eagle212837d ago Show
vicious69832837d ago

The 3DS is impressive but ultimately I need to see some games. I don't buy hardware just for the gimmicks.

meganick2837d ago

Agreed. Also, why did the Japanese get a Professor Layton game as a launch title, and the U.S. didn't? That would have been a great addition.

kingdavid2837d ago

Jap has over a year head start over the west for layton.

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The story is too old to be commented.