Neptune mk-II Announced

Andriasang: Did you guess "Neptune II" when Compile Heart opened up that teaser site a few weeks back? Then you guessed wrong! The true identity of the mystery game is "Neptune mk-II."

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Godmars2902774d ago

Hope the gameplay turns out to be more like Disgaea.

kreate2773d ago

but im kind of tired of grid based battles o_0;

Godmars2902773d ago

I'm more concerned with twenty minute plus fights with minor monsters and hour long boss battles.

coryok2773d ago

i hope it'll be a game for ps3 and ngp. something where i can play at home on my tv, turn it off, jump on the train for my two hour commute everyday and play there

Servbot2773d ago

I hope this one is at least decent. The first one is an unplayable mess.

ThePsychoGamer2773d ago

I'm curios as to how the story will go, The first one's good ending didn't leave much room for a sequal.