Q&A: BioWare On The EA Acquisition

In the interview, president and co-executive producer Greg Zeschuk and chairman, CEO and co-executive producer Ray Muzyka discuss the deal from their perspective, detailing what the studio will gain, and what the change means for maintaining the freedom to continue developing in their idiosyncratic style.

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power of Green 4116d ago

LOL I see a one of Sony fans trying to post this because of the way the Mass Effect question was asked.

Mass Effect is taylored for 360 hardware and the others will have to be too!If what the devs said in the other "Mass Effect not coming to the PS3" thread comes to pass with its sequels(you really think MSFT will let this series go Multi plat?, EA is betting on MSFT to work out an deal while getting paid at the same time).

The MSFT announced talks in the coming weeks between MSFT, EA and Bioware should finally stop the nonsense no one cared about EA a few days ago now they're everbodies friend.

Come on Peter pull your weight!.

Talking to the Sony fan trying to aprove this do not respond.

power of Green 4116d ago

The devs will be too busy working on content for the first one and the sequels and I doubt EA will be able to develope such a game. No one has time to fiddle with the PS3 EA doesn't even think the PS3 is worth fucing around with when it come to ports.

EA is trying to build their rep back up gaining talent they know they have to leave these devs be" to succeed and they made it clear from the get go when making these deals according to all the interviews I'v read.

SaMiR1114116d ago

yeah sony fans boys wants mass effect but this game is making by xbox 360 hardware and its so so so dificult to port at the ps 3 hardware.

this game still esclusive to 360

allforcalisto4116d ago

lol you're a funny guy.

you think EA aren't gonna wanna exploit the ps3's growing install base?

i would be very suprised if one of the FFXIII's doesn't go multiplat.

before i used to care about exclusivity in a really inane way.
Now the only thing that i care about is big games not having to compromise certain features to become multiplat. if they dont have to compromise anything i dont care if they go multiplat. It's not like i wont get to play them.
L.A. noire and the Rockstar games I.P. that's coming on ps3 are taking advantage of the built in HDD and blu ray space to make very big games. I wouldnt want them going multiplat.