Next Year To See Free-To-Play Games On Xbox Live?

GameBlurb writes:
Microsoft likes to make money. This is no secret. Microsoft especially likes to make money through Xbox Live. They’ve even gone as far as to force Valve — the gold medalists when it comes to fan service — to charge XBL members for Left 4 Dead content that was made free for anyone that had the title for the PC.

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junk3d2751d ago

Yeah...i'm sure it's just a rumor though..i wish!

ELite_Ghost2751d ago

just make silver free online, and gold with exclusive features. Just like PS plus

Rybakov2751d ago

they could have it where silver can only do public matches and they have to upgrade to gold to do Ranked that way they can at least play....keep everything else the same

badboy8082751d ago

this is microsoft they will never do that

zeal0us2751d ago

M$ would lose profit if the offer free online gaming with silver, hell 30-50% of gold member only really use the membership to play online with their friends.

If you want free xbl(gold) I suggest you go see if M$ is hiring.

Reibooi2751d ago

Very misleading title. They are talking about bringing Free To Play games to the 360 not having a option of XBL that's free to play.

DrHouse2751d ago

This is about f2p games on Xbox live, not free gold membership

zeal0us2751d ago

I'm pretty sure silver member won't get as much features as gold members in the f2p game

"Sorry you must upgrade to gold membership to use this feature"....just w8 I bet something like this will happen.

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thekillerchrist2751d ago

Time to roll in the XBL equivalents of farmville and yoville.

PattHpapong2751d ago

They've done this many times, it's true, you get to play from your own com if you have a controller (or use keyboard but thats no fun)

jaidek2751d ago

To be honest, Microsoft needs to do something that will allow free play on their service. Even if this means taking away cross game chatting.

Raven_Nomad2751d ago

Sorry but I hope not. I like the fact that people don't have a million different accounts. I don't want it to go free in any way.

Microsoft makes so much money off XBL the other companies want to try to copy and get the same success.

radphil2751d ago

I'm sorry....what?

You WANT them to screw you over on that front?..

Biggest2751d ago

What other companies are trying it? I still see XBL as the only pay-to-play service out there. Don't wish for the competition to lower themselves to Microsoft. Wish for Microsoft to step their game up.

Raven_Nomad2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

What do you think PSN+ is all about? Sony even skips the "Free Online" part on their commercials now. Nintendo has stated that they want to offer a "Xbox Live type of service" on their next console.

Don't kid yourself if you think the other two companies aren't going to eventually charge for their online.

Also, it's not screwing you, you definitely get what you pay for.
While it's mostly P.C. games charging monthly fee's of up to $15 a month, even console games like DC Universe charge per month to play on a console, yet I don't see an outrage about that.

The next Final Fantasy game is also going to be Pay to Play. Running servers and maintenance on said servers aren't free. Maybe you like all the trouble makers making ten PSN's and being retarded online, but I like XBL the way it is.

NateCole2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

You don't want it to go free?.

Now i know you x360 fans live in bizzaro world.

And you care about MS making more money and other companies following suit?.

You my friend must be Steve Ballmer. You are aren't yah?.

NaiNaiNai2751d ago

I want it free.

hit me up NioNai 30k gamerscore

I'm sick of the price going up. I remember when it was 5.99 for XBL its almost doubled and I don't use any of those stupid features.

Kinda happy I switched over to the ps3/pc side.

Rageaholic2751d ago

They wont.... honestly its the xbox fans that make cross game chat like a necessity...

Im sure if they did this alot of ppl will just drop gold...

shak2751d ago

yeah, this could honestly work

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