SFX-360: The Masters: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Review


With so much controversy surrounding Tiger Woods the past year and the different sponsorships dropping, EA Sports decided to be part of the group that wanted to continue supporting Tiger. With this year’s Tiger Woods 12 game however it was kind of weird of them not placing any player, especially Tiger for that matter, on the cover of this year’s game. Instead, EA Sports took a different route and dedicated Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 to the famed Masters Tournament. EA Sports was so dedicated to The Masters that they released the game a week before the actual event. Now does this dedication to such a historic event help or hurt the franchise?

Tiger 12’s gameplay uses the same formula a lot of franchises use when things seem to be playing well: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Literally jumping from Tiger 11 to 12 everything plays the same with only one major change/addition; the caddie. This year EA Sports wanted to provide a more unique golf experience by having you play through the golf course with the guided help of your caddie. The caddie looks the same regardless of the golfer and the only thing that changes is the name on the back of his shirt. I have actually named him Wilson since you never get to see his face but you can name him whatever you want.

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