Soulcalibur Legends Hands-On: Ivy Crawls the Corridors

Soulcalibur Legends begins with a stunning cutscene that introduces players to the legend of the sword Soul Calibur, as well as its evil counterpart, Soul Edge. Soon after this brief intro, the game's protagonist, Siegfried, encounters Soul Edge on a ghost ship. The sword speaks to him and promises ultimate power. Thus follows a short gameplay sequence that introduces you to the basic mechanics of combat. Using the Nunchuk analog stick to move, Gamespot fought some skeletons on their way through a series of corridors. Standard attacks are performed by swinging the Wii Remote, either horizontally for a slash attack, or vertically for an upward or downward swing. Gamers can also lock on to targets by pressing the A button, and they can jump with the B button. Once Gamespot dispatched all the skeletons, they encountered the level's boss, a ghoulish pirate who warned Siegfried of Soul Edge's terrible power. The pirate went down easily, thanks to a newly introduced mechanic: knockdown attacks, achieved by thrusting the remote forward.

The game also includes a split-screen co-op mode in which gamers and a friend can test their mettle, as well as two competitive modes. In competition mode, two players compete to get the best scores or times. In versus mode, they fight one another to the death. Gamespot looks forward to spending more time with all the modes in Soulcalibur Legends, and will bring gamers a full review closer to the game's release.

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