How a PC gamer learned to love the PlayStation 3

A lifelong PC gamer shares his story about overcoming bias to expand his horizons and enjoy a console.

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DrFUD2750d ago

It's logical for PC gamers to go PC and PS3 because PS3 has games not available on PC.
This isn't news.
It's like saying how you went to McDonalds and realized you can now get fries AND a shake.

evrfighter2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I own all 3 platforms. Pc gamer first and foremost as most of you already know.

Ps3 has its uses. It's a good netflix player. It was my final fantasy console but I've since given up on SE.

360 has its uses. Go online to play with people at work every now and then.

Steam and vent is all I need. It's the ultimate in quality, ease of use, online gaming, due to the piss poor quality of microphones on consoles I don't even bother. Vent or gtfo.

Never got into uncharted, halo, gears. Call it what you want but the mandatory "exclusives!1!111" lists that pop up here don't interest me.

starchild2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I have a very similar perspective as you, evrfighter.

The PC is my preferred gaming platform, but I also own a 360 and PS3 (and a Wii that I almost never use).

I use my PS3 for Blu-ray movies and the occasional exclusive.

The 360 I use for the occasional exclusive and for multiplatform games that aren't available on the PC (like Red Dead Redemption)

Every other game I play on my PC -- all multiplatform games and PC exclusives. It turns out that most of the games I tend to like are multiplatform games.

Exclusives can be great, but I think they are often overhyped due to the whole console war thing and fanboys wanting to hype up "their" console. This year I will buy maybe 4 console exclusives and the rest will be multiplatform games and PC exclusives (Total War Shogun 2, The Witcher 2, etc)

Substance1012750d ago

Started of as a console gamer. I had a PC and PS2 last gen.

However this gen i have decided to stick to PC only, games are alot cheaper they look better and i dont feel like my hardware is controlled by some company.

rockleex2749d ago

"There really is nothing like these types of experiences on the PC -- that's why I find myself constantly pulled back to the couch. In addition to that, they hit some of the same chords that a classic PC gamer appreciates: immersion, emergence, and integrated narrative."

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NaiNaiNai2750d ago

I have PC and a ps3 right now.

Have to say I play them both quite alot. *even though I really feel like trolling right now*

:3 I'm not going to.

Just got off SC2 and I think I'm gonna play some GT5 now.

captain-obvious2750d ago

lets hope your not a protoss
i hope your a fellow Zerg

captain-obvious2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

oh i guess you'r cool now

terran vs zerg is balanced
toss needs nerf

and the hell ????!!!
am i the only zerg in here ??

Sitris2750d ago

Ima Zerg don't worry haha I hope your not a rushing zerg player..........hate them!

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nightmarex1212750d ago

f u both protoss ftw.
yeah i have pc and ps3 combo right now too.

SybaRat2750d ago

Betrayer of the trust!

Actually, I've got a PC and all three consoles. Nothing wrong with diversifying.

NateCole2750d ago

The problem with me with that really is time.

Solid_Snake2750d ago

It was a good, short read. Normally i don't like these little personal tales, but this one hit it for me. I've never cared much for PC gaming, but I enjoy the things on the ps3 that the writer did.

I have always liked that the PS3 (intentional or not) treated me like an adult. It may just be in my mind or whatever, but I always felt that way.

NateCole2750d ago

Interesting read.

For me i started gaming on the PC in 1995 when C&C and Warcraft came out. This i remember was 3 years before i bought a PS1 for MGS1.

Since then this has always been my main platforms for gaming and they have served my gaming needs well.

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