iPhone 4/iPad 2 able to display a glasses free ‘MIND BLOWING’ 3D effect

Do these targets look familiar? They were inspired by the work of Johnny Chung Lee that created the Head Tracking Display using the WiiRemote. Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay have now brought this in a way to the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 creating a Head-Coupled Perspective (HCP) on Mobile Devices.

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cgmike2774d ago

Nice to see an iDevice follow suit for once instead of lead. But this is NOT the same 3D as the 3DS! This is 'monocular' 3D that allows for 3D "perspective". Still a 2D display. The DSi has already done this (Looksley's Line-Up).

To do what the 3DS is doing would require HARDWARE changes. iPad 3 at the earliest.

That said, this IS still cool (I own an iPhone so this would be nice to see implemented) Just not 'Nintendo crushing' in any way.

fromasterjay2774d ago

Can't wait to get this on my iPad!

Darkfocus2774d ago

tell me what the "i" devices actually lead, there were MP3 players with screens prior to the ipod you know, as well as touch video and mp3 players before the ipod touch. Apple has never been an innovator everything they make is based on others work, all they do is stylize it and try to sell it as trendy and hip...

Corepred42774d ago

And the products the release are so good and user friendly that people like you will always find something to cry about. Try to sell it? lol You live under a rock.

MaxXAttaxX2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Apple may not have to "try" to sell their products. But that aside, he is right about the rest though.

Here's another example of the "already been done before" argument:
3D/head-tracking, same type tech demo.

Bull5hifT2774d ago

Theres this Awesome Thing /App that I Tried Out called HaLoToy' it sorta did this . It was interesting bouncing the ball in my portable Box

ThatEnglishDude2774d ago

Never seen the big sudden facination with 3D. The novelty wore off not long after playing Super Street Figher 3D on 3DS.

Jio2774d ago

I thought it was cool, I play with the 3D on all the time. It feels like I have two fighters in the palm of my hand fighting under my control. It's pretty awesome :)

ksoto2774d ago

If you were playing true 3d like in Killzone, stardust, etc... the novelty wouldnt have wore off so easily. Play real 3d on play station not some kids toy and youll see the difference.

ThatEnglishDude2774d ago

Most probably. It was probably due to the screen size. But I've not been fortunate enough to really experience PS3 games on 3D so I will reserve judgment until then. Care to donate a 3DTV? :p

ksoto2774d ago

Lol i bought a samsung 50 inch 3d television and the 3d is the read deal. The best 3D game ive seen is stardust and it is phenomenal. I wish a had the money to donate ppl 3D televisions.

ThatEnglishDude2774d ago

I'll wait. Just bought me a large PC monitor. I think I'll wait til more games support it and the technology has improved. I've always said I'll buy a 3DTV when I don't have to wear the glasses. I'll give it another year or two.

sashimi2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I can't see iPad getting actual 3D, it would cost way more then it already does since it has a larger screen.

But ya mind not blown, crappy headlines.

cgmike2774d ago

"mind blowing" was in quotes. The source piece uses the phrase not the submitting site. They even had "3DS crushing" in there at one point but changed it when the reports started rolling in. Whatever sells I guess...

Blaze9292774d ago

so, what does this have to do with gaming?

SeNiLesBack2774d ago

Last time I checked, the iPad/iPhone played games... But I could be mistaking.

MaxXAttaxX2774d ago

It's because gaming is not the primary function on "i" devices.

Pedobear Rocks2774d ago

Straight copy of this from 3 years ago...seriously...a static camera and some software...nothing magical.

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The story is too old to be commented.