BF3 Enlists Facebook "Like" Bar

EA wants you to know that their newest trailers are coming soon - at least that's what they hope. The choice is yours.

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SixZeroFour2751d ago

its not really "new" is it? i thought they were just going to show the entire 3 parts uninterrupted

dry_ice2751d ago

All together the Fault Lines add up to <8 minutes so I'm assuming there's going to be new content.

SixZeroFour2751d ago

yea, prolly just a bit of extended footage, especially with the building collapsing and the earthquake in the second one cause they cut it off real short

dry_ice2751d ago

A large portion of the entire video was actually leak before the release of the Fault Line series via lap-cam at PAX East 11.

I found a video on YouTube a while back, but I just checked and EA squashed it. Oh well, we can wait for people to declare their approval of the game haha.

I_find_it_funny2751d ago

can't "like it" I don't have facebook

but I like it in real life

evrfighter2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

ah crap.

I don't have a facebook account. Can someone here do a "like" bar for me?

tbh I really don't like the route EA is headed with BF3 advertising...

facebook is the nesting ground for casual gamers. I associate Facebook with M$'s vision for pc gaming. As in it's a complete nightmare.

SixZeroFour2750d ago

@evrfighter - they have 100mil marketing budget, you really think that facebook is the best theyll do? they arent marketing on facebook because of the casuals, they are marketing on there cause its easy and most of their fans (about 500k right now) have a facebook on facebook also take $0 from their budget, so its like free marketing

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Senden2750d ago

It's cheap and very effective marketing. I still "dislike" this sort of thing though by dangling a new video in our faces. I hope it doesn't reach the 1m mark just to see if they hold out on releasing the video. I expect something along the lines of "well we nearly got there, to all 300k+ of you who liked, we'd like to thank you anyway, here is the video"

lugia 40002751d ago

Facebook? Likes?
Fuck off EA.

dry_ice2751d ago

Yeah, I kind of feel a little less excited about BF3 now.

Now I'm only 99.9% in love with it. Damn you EA.

davidmccue2750d ago

Giving an ultimatum on if you dont do this we wont let you see it, or if you dont buy this game you wont get a chance to play this beta, is starting to get a bit over the top now. Game developers are suppose to try and convince their customers to buy their games not having them chase after them as if its a privilege.

theonlylolking2751d ago

A million will not take long. Think about how many battlefield fans are on facebook that would want to see BF3.

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stevenhiggster2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

As much as I'm looking forward to BF3 and I know its gonna be awesome, EA really need to watch they don't overhype this. The way they're pushing this it better be more than just pretty graphics, or it'll get slammed due to over expectancy.
Dunno about anyone else, but I'm starting to get a bit bored of hearing about it, by the time it comes out people will have stopped caring.

Senden2750d ago

I'd rather have a bazillion articles here about BF3 than MW3.

stevenhiggster2750d ago

Agreed, I'm not picking on the game, just the marketing. I just fear that EA are setting themselves up.

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