UT 3 Beta Footage

UT 3 Beta Footage.

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iceice1234484d ago

They really ruined that with some trash music.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

the music is horrible.

but the footage is nice.


TheSadTruth4484d ago

I've played the beta and so far I'm underwhelmed.. it's extremely laggy, feels to be "noobed" up in several regards, and the graphics just don't look right on my 8800 / dual core system... other than that it was fun.

gw4k4484d ago

I mean, it is just a beta or demo, but it is not so hot. The graphics aren't bad or anything like that, but the lag is TERRIBLE! You can fire, and half of second later it will hit its target.

I am running the game at the highest you can set it, at 1600 x 1050 with my quad core, 2x8800ts 640s runs great. I think we all should wait and see what Call of Duty 4 is like. The single player demo was amazing and the 360 multi beta was INCREDIBLE!
So far, a heck of a lot better than this! A lot better than Crysis!

darkequitus4483d ago

Apart from nicer graphics, I could not tell the difference between this and the old. At it is only a demo, I will give it the benifit of th doubt for now.

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Funky Town_TX4484d ago

Better GFX but what else. Too dam fast. Weapons are slower than the people. Pass for me Don't want it on PS3, 360 or PC. Halo3, COD4 and Killzone will do just fine.

Jdash244484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

please tell me someone sped up the gameplay........because that is too damn fast

Edit: damn if its really that fast, ima have to pass on it, the speed would really eff me up

Funky Town_TX4484d ago

double and triple wall jumps. When the guy gets shot he goes bluh, bluh. It has been like that since I played it on PC and Dreamcast. Why the "f" is it so fast?

ShiftyLookingCow4483d ago

you guys should give the demo a try, its actually a lot of fun. If you dont like it at first, just sit and try to play it for an hour or so, I am sure you will like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.