Atlus asking fans to appear in new Catherine trailer

Atlus USA is asking fans to film themselves answering a few select questions so that they ca appear in an upcoming trailer for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Catherine.

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cochise3132746d ago

This game is gonna be awsome. I hope they don't water down the US version, I'd be pissed.

NJShadow2746d ago

I doubt they're gonna make any changes. I mean, the game is so bizarre, that in order to actually make it "suitable for North American audiences", they would have to just cancel it. XD

cochise3132746d ago

I hope you're right. I'm happy this isn't Japan only.

Lavalamp2746d ago

Sounds like a really neat community event. I love it when devs have these sort of things. It gets the fans involved and pumped for the game.

JohnnyMann4202746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

God im going to get flak for this but as a skit or whatever I should pretend I'm whacking off while playing the game and send that in.

Redempteur2746d ago

i agree ..this is a nice idea to gather fans and to get people to know the game..

very good idea atlus USA

TheoreticalParticle2746d ago

So... If you're not currently in a relationship, you film yourself answering one question?

Something tells me that this isn't going to get a ton a responses.

helghast1022746d ago

This immediately came to mind: