Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies: How To Ace Acension

Ascension is the biggest and arguably the most detailed zombie map that has ever been featured in a Call Of Duty game. It houses the longest and most complicated zombie easter egg to date and introduces two new perks and special grenades. Here's how to beat it.

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GCO Gamer2745d ago

There's a reason why I won't purchase Call of Duty downloadable content; Activision. Though this looks interesting, I still can't do it.

CaliGamer2745d ago

This would have been nice like 3 months ago before I sold the game.

A real shame what has happened to this series. How the mighty fall.

Doctorofreality2744d ago

Battlefeild 3 is coming....DICE are right...CoD has been getting lazy... well well well

Solid guide on the zommbies though mate,nice to see a pure and clean instruction. Alot of this stuff ive had to figure out myself. Not many people knew about the second loop you mention.

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