Let’s Make Gamers Happy and Publishers Money: “Best Of” Levels in HD


"Nostalgia trips are not always worth the whole voyage of an entire game revisited. But how about something else: a ‘best of’ HD compilation of iconic levels from series past?

Think: Best of Call of Duty. Or: Best of Halo, Best of Splinter Cell, Best of Metal Gear Solid, Best of Tomb Raider, etc.

Or even better, how about something like: Best of EA Shooters, Best of Activision Shooters? There would be plenty of variety with the titles they could choose, and honour their past achievements."

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gaminoz2748d ago

An anthology of game levels would get my interest, depending on the series or games involved.

There are so many games I've never tried but if there was a 'selection' of levels, I'd probably get the feel of and good quick enjoyment from them too.

Getting to play a sp level of a future game would really be great too!

BadCircuit2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

They'd have to polish the games a bit though and maybe upgrade a few things, but compared with making a whole new game it should be easy enough for them and they would make money.

Only thing is getting used to different control schemes each level if they were different games...

XboxOZ3602748d ago

NOt a bad idea actually, it could definitely also encourage sales of older games, be that through new sales voia retail, or DLC once they come about, or simply getting players onto Live/PSN to play the various games.

WHich in turn, brings in funds for both publishers and developers.

BadCircuit2748d ago

Well a lot of games were on PS2 only or Xbox only or PC only, (eg. COD 1) so many people may not have owned those platforms.

It would be good to be able to play a bit of games past and it would be plug and play each time, so wouldn't make you feel like if you were away from it for a long time you have to remember where you were, what the controls were, or whatever.

When I go from shooter to shooter or something like horses in RDR and AC: Bro, I often stuff up the different control schemes that are different, unless I play the one game till I'm finished.

gaminoz2748d ago

@ Xboxoz

I take it you mean that when we play a level from an anthology we may like a particular game level we have missed and then we may get the whole retail game if possible?

I'd personally love a COD 'best of'. Instead of just more modern warfare settings of Russia and Middle East we'd have Africa, Sicily, France, Russia, Middle East, Vietnam....all in the one package. It would be a lot of fun I reckon.

XboxOZ3602748d ago

yes, exactly.

Much like the recent dlc release for DICE's Bad Company 2 brought about a retail rise in the price of the orinal game, as you needed it to play the Vietnam dlc game levels, which brought both retailers and publishers income.

Belgavion2748d ago

Definitely an idea with merit, especially if released at a budget price. A newish gamer interested in Halo would most likely much rather check out an upgraded best-of rather than slogging through multiple campaigns and buying multiple discs.

I think a Katamari best-of would be tops!

BadCircuit2748d ago

Well it would certainly be great to avoid the repetitive library area in Halo!!!

Proeliator2748d ago

This is an interesting idea, but would be restricted by so many different legal and copyright claims that the idea would never be public.

gaminoz2748d ago

That would be a big shame, but doesn't Sony own all the GOD of Wars for example, or Ubisoft and Splinter Cell, or Activision all the CODs, EA all the MOHs, or they could just get different levels from different game styles they own, like the article says with EA 'best of' shooters etc.

They own those properties...

XboxOZ3602747d ago

Sure, they own such franchises, as do all publishers through their respective developers.

It would simply mean that each publisher could 'compile' a series of game levels that best represent their own best franchises, and present them in one, or more discs to bring more life into some of the older games, which do seem to stand the test of time.

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