Sony vs. Geohot Litigation Settled: The Winners and Losers

In a somewhat surprising turn of events Sony has settled its dispute with George Hotz over the publication of a jailbreak for the Playstation 3 which has opened the door to hackers and pirates alike. But in this case’s aftermath, who has come out better off and who has left bruised and scuffed?

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Del6732773d ago

Hopefully we don't hear from this dude again for a good long time. Even though he got off pretty easy, I think it may make him think twice about being so public about his escapades in the future.

cemelc2773d ago

The guy got pwned, they actually mananged to put the guy in his place.

From the settlement he cant touch any sony product ever again or else he will be fined up to 250.000$.

That was sony objective all along so...

Peaceful_Jelly2773d ago

Almost the entire front page are all news about Geohot. XD

AmigoSniped2773d ago

We all know we will hear from him again its a matter of time

maxcavsm2773d ago

Oh, I think we've heard the end of "Geohot". He may go by another handle, but...

Cha0tik2773d ago

Nope he already posted that there is more to come on his page

unicron72773d ago

Pretty sure Sony won the case from the read verdict. Hackers suck and ruin the fun for everyone.