Mortal Kombat Begins In Iceland

NextGN: "We've teamed up with SamFilm to bring Mortal Kombat to life in Iceland. Why Iceland, you ask? Well, though Iceland may seem so small and irrelevant, some of the most dedicated and hard-core gamers are from there--seriously, what else is there to do on that little icy rock than play video-games, music, and party?"

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FudgeBear2748d ago

Man, we really need more gaming events like this where I am from. :( I actually think I would stand a chance at this... I was pretty good with MK2 and 3.

SodoBot2748d ago

I kick butt with Johny Cage, in the demo, at least.

KillerCucumber2748d ago

seriously, tho... they should have a playable cucumber that is killer. seriously.

Rhezin2748d ago

man you'd get sliced so EASY though! You sure you want to go into battle as a crunchy cucumber?

theaceh2748d ago

Can't wait to pickup my 'permission to play' Mortal Kombat next Tuesday.