IGN: The Top 99 Cars of Forza 3

IGN: "Released in October 2009, Forza Motorsport 3 has been a big hit for developer Turn 10. More than 400 million races have occurred in the past year-and-a-half, in a variety of cars. But which cars have been used the most?

Turn 10 handed IGN a list of the most raced cars in Forza 3. Check out the full list below."

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Raendom2745d ago

Not suprising, Veyron everyone knows and wants to drive and the Datsun is glitched.

I'd like to see the same stats from GT5, would be a vastly different list.

CameronL992745d ago

how is the Datsun glitched? I was wondering why such a shitty car made number 2 lol seriously THIS many xbox owners would drive that crappy car just for a glitch?

Neko_Mega2745d ago

I only use a Dodge ACR Viper 08 for GT5.

m232745d ago

The Bugatti for me wasn`t really a lot of fun to drive, probable because it was so easy to win with it. I love the SL65 though and the Skyline.

level 3602745d ago

Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Scirocco for the hot hatch, Lamborghini Reventon for the exotics, Audi Q7 for the SUV..

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