Anonymous may have found their Robin Hood with Geo Hotz.

Geo Hotz joining Anonymous may make a huge impact on how decisions are made in the future for the Hacktivist group. We may be witnessing a new calling for Hotz as he joins his fellow Hackers who came to his defense.

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rabidpancakeburglar2746d ago

He's gone from saying that he'd support the boycott to being a figurehead in just a few hours

just_looken2746d ago

yep he just doesn't end they should have jailed him because he still doesn't get it fn idiot. all well as soon as he touches a sony product sony will knock on his door again.

-Alpha2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Edit: OK so I read this wrong, he isn't joining Anonymous, just boycotting like Anonymous is doing. Speculation article, but the title made it seem like he joined Anonymous.

Anyways, I'll just use this bubble to ask a question: why cant he continue hacking the PS3 despite the court ruling?... how would anybody really know if he hacks or not?

morganfell2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Hotz is an egoist.It's one of the reasons he took credit for work by failoverflow.Iit is also why he said he he was done with the PS3 but came back to it. His need for someone to tell him he matters drove him to it.

Within mere months he will be back up on charges for breaking the agreement.

mastiffchild2745d ago

As I recall didn't Mr Hood take from the rich and give to the poor? So far Geo has just taken from the poor to fight his court cases which he didn't even have the guts to see through and settled out of court after setting himself up as a martyr for hackers' rights.

Dunno the ins and outs of all this but he seems a LONG way from being Robin Hood to me. More like a media hungry reality TV star who sells every story they can to the highest bidder for more notoriety, squandering everyone else's cash as he goes. This whole thing's a joke in my eyes.

Articles making huge leaps of faith(powered, seemingly, by some short sighted wishful thinking too)like this specufest don't help ANYONE much either. For me Hotz had to win in court to justify his position on any level and claiming we should all suspend belief enough to think he didn't know what he did would make piracy easier is just the start of it. Taking supporters' money and then not seeing it through just makes me wonder about both his case AND his own morals.

If it were me I wouldn't want him as a figurehead for anything. He made out it was a big moral outrage and then...? He sneaks out with a settlement tying his mouth and actions to save his own hide? Thank God people with ACTUAL causes like Mandela, Tatchell, Pankhurst and MLK were made of sterner, more trustworthy stuff.

Thing is hacking is what DOES enable a lot of IP theft and as a direct result people are never going to come down unanimously on the hackers' side in this. As a musician who's suffered a lot through piracy I guess I'm a little biased against them BUT I do think if you're going to play the martyr you don't jack it in, after taking funds for aid at the first sign of self service. I really wouldn't want him as any kind of figurehead of this movement after he bottled it at the first hurdle.

ComboBreaker2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

First, he used failoverflow for their hacks, claiming credit for their works.

Next, he used hackers for their donation money.

Now, he's going to use Anonymous too.

LOL. These peoples defending him just never learn, do they? HAHAHA.

young juice2745d ago

steal from the middle class and give to the jackass'

Godmars2902745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Simply put: he's a hacker. If he does he either wont be able to resist putting his mark on it or announcing it to the hacker community. Its that same prideful egotism which made him go public with his first exploit, instead of using it and a solution as the basis for a resume to Sony.

sikbeta2745d ago

Mastiffchild, well said man, I couldn't said it better myself, Hotz can't never be compared to Robin Hood, this guy did this to feed his ego and to gain notoriety as "the guy that could do it", no more, no less...

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jriquelme_paraguay2746d ago

Lol defend GeoHot is an excuse..
i dont think ANON like Geohot... such attention whore...

ScentlessApprentice72745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Well Robin Hood "stole from the rich and gave to the poor"

All Geohotz did was steal from the rich, steal from the poor (donations to pay my attorneys please?), fly overseas, and act like a stuck up stupid suburban wigger while doing it all.

Is that the stuff made of legends? According to "Anonymous" it is. Geohotz is more like the new Poster Boy for Anonymous. But beyond gaming websites, nobody knows or cares who the F these people are or what they supposedly stand for.

mastiffchild2745d ago

This is their second idiotic move after they turned PSN users against them with stupid aimless DDoS atttacks. Loads of people I know who supported(and some who sympathised)wih Hotz and Anon's cause have lost any respect they ever had for Hotz.

When attacking targets which most right thinking people will agree are legitimate Anonymous have done well but this is a shades of grey situation and taking a tainted man like Hotz as any kind of leader is tantamount to sticking two fingers up at a lot of folk who already supported him once and feel cheated and would still, possibly, have supported Anonymous WITHOUT Hotz.

I don't think he's ever going to be their figurehead and doubt even he'd want to be now-even with a needy ego. Daft article.

pr0digyZA2745d ago

lol Anonymous is just using him. now they can do what they want and everyone will know who to take out. Anyway I thought the whole point of their little "cult" was to be um I don't know... Anonymous.

-Alpha2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


I dont think he joined Anonymous, he just is boycotting. He shares the same goal as them, but there is nothing indicating he is joining them or leading them.

Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything, in fact it's even better news. I dont think Sony wants Geo near any of their products anyway.

pr0digyZA2745d ago

Aah thanks for clearing that up, probably helps if I read ;P

ComboBreaker2745d ago

Next, he used hackers for their donation money.
Now, he's going to use Anonymous too.


These peoples defending him just never learn, do they? HAHAHA.

HolyOrangeCows2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Pfft, Robin Hood. Filthy socialist.

Robin Hood? GeoNotz?
Why? He took from the rich and the poor, used it for E-penis and vacation, stole others' work (FailuresOver), and gave up when the ride was over. I don't remember Robin Hood doing anything like that.

Oh, and now he's going in on Anonymous organized boycotts? Why would Anonymous be so happy with such a egotistical maniac? He's all about the attention. If he cared, he would have quietly and **ANONYMOUSLY** released the cfw (In fact, he would never have released the conceptual one at all...he would have waited to create a working one. Not go all "LOL! Look! I'm Boxxy....I mean Geohotz, and I hacked teh PStree!").

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MagicGamer2746d ago

If you consider his link posted as how he feels Sony treats their customer as a small show of support then

supremacy2746d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Well, the way i see it. This is the same guy who practically let a whole group of people down with the settlement.

Sometimes i really wonder whether these kids are half as smart as they claim to be or could it just be that they just have enough time in their hands to sit at home and try to hack things all day.

Than brag about their exploits online for a little a fame in exchange.

Hotz is just like his so called friends at anonymous,losers who cant accept defeat.

Go ahead boycott all you want, but you this though had he won this case he wouldn't screaming these things though and do you know why?

Because it is moments like these that shows ones true colors and he has just shown his along with the rest of the pizza ordering clowns that support him.

They have no real credibility to speak off and the little credibility they do have(if any)is washed away with every contradiction they conduct on themselves and their audience.
Therefore i don't take them seriously or for that matter even have little, to no respect for these cockroaches.

redDevil872746d ago

I don't think people know the real story of Robin Hood :/

It was about robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. There is no giving to the poor here. The whole "Robin Hood" term has been used completely out of context during this whole scenario.

Lamarthedancer2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Do these guys not get that the guy is a loser who dosen't give a shit about any of them. All he cares about is himself, he's doing this thing for his own benefit ...he can't own anything Sony, what else is he going to do.

I mean he could move on with his life but I really don't see that happening.

GameSpawn2745d ago

He can own Sony devices. He just cannot hack them.

Lamarthedancer2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

So basicaly all he's doing is dragging this thing on.

Why dosen't he just give up and move on. I mean I thought he wasn't allowed anything Sony and that was the reason he was doing it. But all he's not allowed to do is hack them, it's not like he can't enjoy the console anymore.

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