1up : Rachet and Clank TOD Video Review

Video review of Rachet and Clank : TOD

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gtgcoolkid4962d ago

Already pre-ordered and my fingers are twitching at the thought of playing this badass game.

unsunghero284962d ago

In case anyone was wondering, the Video Review itself did not actually SCORE Ratchet and Clank. Don't let comment #1 fool you.

It undoubtedly seems like a fantastic game, but making up a score seems a little bit petty, doesn't it?

JIN KAZAMA4963d ago

this game is what true next-gen is. Unlike that crappy Halo 2 that just came out for the 360. And they said, PS3 games have NO COLOR. Well, the PS3 just took a HUGE dump on the faces of
NoJizzLikeMoJizz, Power of Slime, TheFart, FristKnight, LimpDaddy, Ballstar, EliteHomo, and all the other XBOT zombie droids out there.

PS3 is the ICON of a gaming machine, with MUCH MUCH more built into its hardware. Meanwhile, another 360 succumbs to the RROD, the saga continues.


Bebedora4963d ago

But I like it. Why? You lift all the bull the other way, so it makes it equal.

But anyone saying bad things about R&C should be shot with a neutron bomber!

TheSadTruth4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Jin, no one cares what some 13 year old thinks, or even plays. Stop pushing people to play what you want and let them play what they find fun. You need to get a life...

It's the sad truth.

xboxlj4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

I guess we will wait to see if Rachet and Clank outsales "Crappy Halo 3".

m91058264962d ago

I hate how this gen has become about sales, or stupid metacritic scores, and not about which game is genuinely better. When did gamers suddenly become like businessmen? "Well, such-and-such product sold more, it must be better!" Play what YOU want to play, not what the market wants you to play, and have fun, that's what games are all about.

nobizlikesnowbiz4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

For JIN, it's impossible to just game. He can't just enjoy the games, he has to claim some sort of victory.

We know JIN, your a little cheerleader.

Whats even more pathetic is the 37 people that agree with his biased fanboy douchebag comment.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4963d ago

at the end he`s says....

"what comparable to this on 360, kameo?"

i love it.

MS needs to learn the lesson that last gen taught us.

Having a solid line up of GENREs, not just games,but GENREs is very important.

and i don`t think MS has really learned that yet.

Ratchet is a GREAT showing of things to come.

action-platformers will NEVER die.

Bebedora4963d ago

R&C is never ever ever ever to be subdued by the sword of Billy boy. I love those guys!

hazeblaze4962d ago

lol, yea that was classic. it exposes the reason that the 360 will never be a good mainstream console. it's actually a great hardcore system, but it lacks titles that have the type of appeal that Uncharted, Folklore, Eye of Judgment and R&C have.

jay34962d ago

Great, a lttle gathering of fanboys. Yes, Ratchet and Clank WILL be awesome but all this "MS need to learn from this" is a load of crap. 360 will never be a mainstream console? How old are you, 12? 360 is outselling PS3, no?

So you see my point. I'm not hating on the PS3 or anything, but fanboys are just damn annoying, i think everyone can agree.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4962d ago

11.6 million sold is NOT a MAINSTREAM CONSOLE.

XBOX1 sold 30-35 million (i think, maybe less)

ps2 sold 120 million and counting.

the ps3 isn`t yet but SONY makes mainstream CONSOLES.

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Ri0tSquad4963d ago

They would be stupid not to bundle this game with PS3