Bits n Bytes Podcast - Can Digital Distribution Replace Physical Media?

The Bits n Bytes crew discusses the rise of digital distribution in gaming and if it could, or should, replace physical media.

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ComboBreaker2774d ago

Why? Because Comcast, Time Warner, etc. all have 250 GB limit cap per month. No way digital distrubition is going to succeed with that limitation.

Pandamobile2774d ago

You're complaining about 250 GB in a month? I get 60 GB and I've been an almost exclusive digital buyer for the last three years.

ComboBreaker2774d ago

D*mn man. What ISP is that?

Pandamobile2774d ago

Cogeco. Canadian ISPs are terrible.

f7897902774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )


Used game sells will be an urban legend in the future. I don't care that I get to keep the game forever. I will never want to play through Black Ops storyline ever again and multiplayer is easily replaceable.

Pandamobile2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

No, I'm going to continue to buy digital games because they're infinitely more accessible and convenient for me. I hate digging around disks, and having to take a bus ride down to a store to pick up a game when I can just one-click launch just about every game I own from Steam.

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jukins2774d ago

250 gb is more than enough i have two ps3s two desktops two laptops. all used daily to game, youtube, netflix, facebook, downloading hd movies, music and the closest i've came to the cap is 107/250gb. digital dist if it ever gains a foothold would probably be more cloud based then downloading full games and stuff all the time.