GoGamingGiant: Sanctum Review

Sanctum is blast to play, the FPS mode is a terrific addition to the tower defense genre, but Coffee Stain Studios really drop the ball by not adding enough maps, weapons and turrets.

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Murgatroyd72774d ago

Not a whole lot of content, but it still sounds like a really fun game.

RaymondM2773d ago

tower defense games ah...and no multiplayer!? I at least want to try it out with friends

Drommen2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

What you call a "review" is in fact a "preview" based on a beta version. The releasepatch today may have more content and I think you should make that clear.

Saying you only had 3hrs of playtime i suppose is very individual. To bad you were one of the few who had troubles with connectivity. Co-op really adds to the fun. Ive spent 28hrs on the one map only available in public beta and had a blast mostly in co-op. In the harder modes and co-op you really need to think strategically and economically use all your guns actively to get most out of your towers. In easy and even beginning of normal mode youll do fine without any deeper strategy (if you are not a complete noob on FPS). Its enough to more or less place random towers here and there and only shoot with your sniper on everything that moves.

However based only on the beta sure may give the feeling of lack of content but I think the devs philosophy is to first create a core gameplay that is well executed and polished instead of cramming in every cool feature halfbaked and buggy. The FPS perspective adds huge potential to the TD gameplay and there is no lack of really cool ideas.
Based on the devs active communication with the gamers in the beta forum they are committed to add more content. They have on several occations announced they are working on, for starters, a proper multiplayer lobby (incl the connectivity issue), 4-player modes and more maps. In the beta there is currently only 2-player co-op. What will be in the releasepatch I dont know.

So, for sure you could wait and see what this small indie company will deliver. But since i love TD and co-op games i see no reason to wait. And hey you get a 10% discount if you get it now. Only 6 hours left to release...