Why Conduit 2 Will Succeed

Many months before its release, High Voltage Software started aggressively promoting their first person shooter project, The Conduit, heralding it as the Wii's killer app and the title that will set the bar for first person shooters on Wii. They developed a superb graphics engine, Quantum 3, which allowed for visual effects that very few – if any – Wii games used at the time. High Voltage was adamant on their promise to set the bar, as they created a fully customizable control scheme that has been the standard for Wii shooters ever since. While The Conduit was a technical marvel that supported a fantastic multiplayer component, the single player campaign was less than desirable. High Voltage has a track record of listening to their fans, and with Conduit 2, they've promised that they have fixed the problems with the first game. With the game releasing in just a week, it certainly looks like High Voltage has upped the ante once again.

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Titanz2774d ago

It sells as well as the Goldeneye title that released in 2010.

christheredhead2774d ago

im really looking forward to this game. especially with the inclusion of bots, i can see myself playing this title for a very long time.

i wish more games had bots with varying difficulty levels. sometimes i wanna play online matches but i dont wanna play online. i just wanna shoot stuff haha. killzone 2 and unreal tournament have some awesome bot setups.

Suga Shane2773d ago

I had not heard of having bots but I like it. Will it be like Combat Training in Lack Ops?

christheredhead2773d ago

i remember reading an overview of the features that said the game will include bots. i think its gonna be standard bots like unreal in a sense. pick a multiplayer map, pick how many bots, what kind of game and what kind of difficulty. so thats pretty sweet.

there is also gonna be a split screen hoard type mode where you survive waves of enemies which also sounds really fun.

Venox20082774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I wish best luck for this game .. where's "the grinder", high voltage? :)

Hyawatta2774d ago

I wish they let you play the co-op invasion mode online.