Playstation 3 Used to Make Seeing Robots

UC Irvine students Jayram Moorkanikara, Jeff Furlong and Matt Johnson were among the first-place winners of IBM's Cell Broadband Engine Professor University Challenge on Sept. 24. The trio partnered with two students from Dartmouth College to use a Sony Playstation 3 to recreate how the human brain functions.

According to Moorkanikara, unlike systems such as the Wii and the X-Box, Playstation 3 allows for more practical use in scientific research.

"PS3 contains the IBM CELL processor, whose architecture is suitable for parallel programming and can be used not only for games but for many scientific and multimedia applications. We have also demonstrated that a cluster of these PS3 can behave like a mini supercomputer," Moorkanikara said.

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Fan Tastic4482d ago

Perhaps then we can buy a 360 without 66% of RRODing in the 1st three weeks or even worse burnin down da house!

Come on M$ we know you've got the cash.

PimpHandHappy4482d ago

but can these robots play warhawk?

call me when the PS3 bends space and time. I would love to travel back in time

Charlie26884481d ago

That would be firmware update 3.00

2.00 only adds teleportation


level 3604481d ago

Cut the crap already and bring in our games.

mentalboy114481d ago

sony didnt even have anything to do with this, why are you blaming them.

ironwolf4481d ago

the third, fourth, time this story or some variation on it has been reported? Is there no NEWS out there?

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The story is too old to be commented.