Batman: Arkham City Stories?

Shanghai Six from Front Towards Gamer just happened to start playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum again for grins and as he's going through the game, it’s not only getting him excited for Arkham City in a very big way, but it gave him the idea that this would be a great game to give the same Case Zero-style prequel treatment!

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Fir3truck2746d ago

I would have no problem paying for a prequel to Arkham City.

TheStonedSheep2746d ago

I probably wouldn't buy it; to be honest, I'm not that excited for Arkham City, and didn't particularly enjoy Arkham Asylum.

maxcavsm2746d ago

WHAT? Really? What makes you not like Batman:AA?

TheStonedSheep2746d ago

It was alright; like 7.5 - 8 / 10 but nothing amazing as GOTY or anything like that.

I'm not a huge fan of Batman or super heroes in general and the game just never hooked me. I finished it and I might give AC a rent, but I'm certainly not too hyped about.

AmigoSniped2746d ago

I loved arkham asylum and I am as well playing through it again on my PC and cant wait and would buy it as well.